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The Wave II

Quick Details

Person Ages 6+

Unforgettable Flightseeing Tour of the Wave in Arizona

An extended tour of the Wave I tour in which we also include White Pocket, Coyote Buttes North, Yellow Rock, Alstrom Point, the Dangling Rope Marina, and Rainbow Bridge. We fly at about 500′ over the Wave for excellent picture/video shots. Each passenger will have clear visibility of all sites as the plane circles around to complete the flight back to the airport.

NOTE: Due to the fact that this area is a highly coveted hike we ask that passengers interested arrange a reservation for first thing in the morning. This is out of courtesy to the hiking community, who go to experience the scenery and enjoy the quiet and solitude in this remote area. This is also a practical consideration as afternoons in this part of the country tend to be quite windy, especially during the hot summer months when density altitudes can also pose a challenge to pilots and nausea for passengers.